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What is WorkTorch?

WorkTorch is the only career discovery platform for the service economy workforce.

We provide tools for employers to retain their employees and find career fulfillment through our engagement and internal mobility tools. This unique approach helps us provide a better aligned workforce for employers.

Employee stay 2x longer150% Hiring cost reduction3x more communication

WorkTorch for Employers

Keep the right talent.

Discover and engage with employees who are ready to advance their careers. Utilize our technology to keep your talent up to 2x longer.

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WorkTorch for Employees

The tools you need right in your pocket.

Powerful tools to help align your purpose, find direction, and match with roles you’ll love.

For Employers

Find and retain the right talent.

  • Create career development plans
  • Survey and assess your workforce
  • Post jobs
  • Automate interviews
  • Automate candidate matching
  • Search through candidates
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For Employees

We’ll guide you through each step towards a role that you’ll love.

  • Discover your career path
  • Level up your skills
  • Match with jobs you’ll love
  • Continuous career development
  • Open lines of communication about career progression
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